Our Story

How did this crazy group of customer service ninjas and production warriors come to be?

Family Enterprise was started originally in Hillman, Michigan and purchased by Don and Diane in 1997. They have grown the business to what it is today with several location upgrades in and around Alpena County area.

With Cristi (their daughter) stepping into the company in 2016 we have entered the next generation of our business. We have kept the focus on quality but with a few new faces to greet our customers. They are motivated and ready to make the best products for the each and every client.

Being in business since 1997 we have seen a lot in a short amount of time. We have produced thousands of garments along the way and have become experts on how to make your design get the attention it deserves.

Everyone on our team contributes to the success of your project. Whether you need garments screen printed or embroidered, plaques created or just a fabulous product to slap your logo on, Family Enterprise is always putting quality first.


Our Family




One thing is for sure, Diane’s time is in high demand!

What does she do here? You’d have better luck asking what she doesn’t do: Take out the trash. End of list.

A grandmother of 5 and a mother to 3 she is the matriarch in all sense of the word. Her talents with art and graphic design have been forged through thousands of projects over the years. If you want to know what is going to look good and what it will look good on, she can tell you.

If you catch her daydreaming, it’s because after 20 plus years in the business, she’s been
thinking about a sunny vacation on the beach…but in the meantime you can contact her




Owner/ Master of Embroidery Services

Don is the man. Why? Well, once you get to know him, you really won’t need to ask.

Don spent 30 years in the Detroit area in the telecom industry. Then, after his 30th year he said “The hell with this!” and moved up to Alpena to join Diane at Family Enterprise. Today, Don spends his days like a mad scientist in a lab of threads. He is our embroiderer and a heck of a good one at that. He has stuck a needle through almost any garment you can think of and came out the other side.

When he is not working he is spending his time with his grandkids and children. Don also likes to play golf and the guitar whenever he gets a chance, and you might even catch him bowling every so often. He also has not one, not two, but three favorite NFL teams. 



President of Sales and Marketing

After playing roller derby for over 10 years, Cristi understands that putting together an order for a sports team can be a lot like herding cats. That’s why she’s made it her mission to simplify the process so your team can look great, feel great and get their gear hassle free.

With nearly 20 years in the broadcast industry, Cristi is bringing a new set of eyes to help you market your business. She can find promotional items that won’t be ignored, will speak to the demographics you’re looking to hit and will make a lasting impact long after they are in the hands of your customers. All at an affordable price that won’t punch you in the gut.

If you need gear for your business, team, group or simply for yourself, don’t hesitate to reach
out to

She wont bite… we hope.



Production Manager/ Master of Screen Printing

Nick is a man of many titles: Husband, Father, Veteran, Gamer, Friend and now Master Screen Printer. Chances are you have seen somebody you know wearing his work around town. Our customers keep Nick busy! And it’s easy to see why; he’s great at his craft.

One thing you’ll learn quickly about Nick is that he is passionate about the work he does. At Family Enterprise, he is happy to show you the process behind what goes into making the garments in your imagination a reality, and he takes the utmost care in assuring each shirt leaves our building featuring the highest quality prints possible. This pop culture junkie always keeps us laughing and we’re sure you’ll enjoy his sense of humor as well. Have a question about what is possible for your upcoming project? Need to know the newest movie or tv series you won’t want to miss? Feel free to reach out to Nick at


We’re always looking for smart, driven, creative, responsible people with great attitudes to add to our team.

Interested in becoming part of the Family? Email for more information.